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Chapter 3 is almost finished. Here’s a sneak peek into it:

Inside Susan’s Home

“You have a lovely place, Susan!” Steven exclaimed. “It looks very contemporary, edgy, yet very relaxing and enchanting!”

“It’s super relaxing,” said Susan, smiling at the compliment while complacently taking in the scene in approval, feeling rewarded for her creativity. “I thought you might like it. But you have to see the view of the Bay from the balcony, especially on a clear night with lots of moonlight! We can have a glass of wine outside if you’d like. I’m sure you’ll be delighted by the view.”

She showed Steven over to the balcony herself and was struck by his handsome good looks, she liked that he was nearly a foot taller than her, about six feet estimated. He had a tan complexion, salt and pepper hair that reminded her of Richard Gere (whom she also considered a hunk) and cobalt blue eyes which sparkled in the light. “I only go out here on the weekends, or during the holidays to see the fireworks over Miami Beach,” she said; “or during other special occasions.”

He took another sip of wine and looked at her for a moment. He noticed how serene her face was. “Well, this could be considered a special occasion for us, couldn’t it?” he said softly.

She smiled as he spoke those words to her, pleased with everything that had transpired this evening. They stared at each other quietly for a while, pausing to enjoy the view of the marina, taking in the sound of the waves as they ebbed and flowed with the boats at dock.

Placing his glass on a wicker table next to him, he moved closer to Susan. “I forgot to thank you for dinner,” said Steven.

Blushing, she replied, “You really are too good to me.”

They met in the middle and she confidently looked up at him while he embraced her. Their lips met for a pleasurable kiss. She appreciated the charm of the unexpected kiss and

began to feel light-headed. It was exciting for her to think that her high school sweetheart kissing her at present could possibly be the onset of the matrimonial venture that she once dreamed of, which appeared most promising.

“It’s getting let,” she said. “Do you work tomorrow?”

“Not until the afternoon,” he answered.

Susan moved back away from Steven, smiling at him. She knew they needed space in order to lower their libido. He followed her as she made her way into the living room. They were now leaning against the dining room table. Steven was coveting her with his eyes. She seemed to be sensitive to his sustaining manner, but would not endure a premature imposition for being contentious.

“The way in which women are putting themselves forward these days is deplorable,” she said. “There can be no long term gain for being so cavalier, don’t you agree?” she inquired.


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Hi Folks,

I just finished adding a couple more pages to chapter two and have finally defined a first person prespective. Since I started writing the story, I was not sure from who’s perspective I would be telling the story in. But given the overall theme, I felt it was best to tell the story through Steven’s eyes. So he is taking the lead in the middle of chapter two and will be guiding us through this journey.

I would like to get some feedback from a few readers so if you are interested in participating, please send me an email through facebook or comment here so I can send you a rough draft in .pdf format for your critique.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a productive week.


Jack Morgan

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I just spent the past two hours conducting research and writing a funeral scene. I must admit, I fealt like I was actually there so I had to wipe away the tears more than once. That’s right! I admit it. I’m a weeper. Okay, ’nuff said about that.

Since I have finished Chapter 1, I’m going to give you a sneak peak into the first page of Chapter 2. This is fresh material, just written. I hope you like it.


Jack Morgan


     February 4th, 2011. It was a cold, wet, winter afternoon. The rain drops trickled down a ceiling of black umbrellas and mingled with the tears on those somber faces in attendance. At a quarter past twelve, Steven arrived with his 27 year old daughter, America, and her fiancé Alex, in a black Cadillac limo, followed by Mercedes’ parents, Humberto and Maria Elena Castro, her sister Maria, her brother Marcos and his wife Gwen, and their children, Abigail, Veronica, and Michael. The family members exit the funeral vehicles as they enter the Caballero Rivero Woodlawn Park North Cemetery, located at the intersection of Thirty-second and Eighth Streets, just south of Hialeah. Woodlawn had been around for nearly a hundred years and was the site of the Castro family memorial where Merecedes’ grandparents were laid to rest. Inside, the family was joined by nearly 300 extended family members, colleagues from the university, where Merecedes had taught theatre for the past fifteen years, and a score of devoted students, both past and present. As the family nears the burial site, they are embraced and supported by the attending family. The only sound is coming from the rain. The eulogy is given by Mercedes’ sister Maria. Choking back the tears, Steven is aware that his world is falling apart with each word uttered.

      “It feels way too soon for this,” Maria remarked.

     America grips her father’s black glove and removes it from his hand. She slips her little white fingers in between his and they hold hands as they gaze upon the wave of black coats and hats. Some of the elders present sit quietly beneath their umbrellas, as they listen to the eulogy, waiting for the Reverend to commence with the second part of the memorial service, waiting to see Mercedes lowered into her final resting place. Steven looks around to witness the faces present. What he observes is very somber. His eyes welling with tears, he presses on to look at as many faces as he can. He wants to feel their pain as they think back and remember their loving friend, sister, daughter, niece, teacher, mentor, counselor, mother, wife, lover and best friend. The feeling was too heavy to bear, but he watches and listens to America as she continues weeping next to him, among so many others, especially her grandmother, Maria.

     “It’s very tragic,” continues Maria, “to lose someone so close to you. It’s really a sorrowful time for us. But we must remember that Mercedes is in a better place.”

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Hi Folks,

Yesterday morning I cranked out another four pages of script, then I took the day off to spend with my son. I found myself lying in bed this late night, or early morning, and decided to drop in for my second update.

I’m not feeling as confident today about writing this book as I did when I first started. And I got to thinking about what my friends on facebook thought about me, a guy, writing romance novels. Talk about low self-esteem! Writing romance novels is not what the typical guy is supposed to be doing. Then I heard on the channel four evening news that guys are statistically more concerned about affection and relationship status than their women counterparts. Go figure. I guess the times – they are a changing!

Anyhow, today I will be conducting some online research into funeral scenes from other novels. I’m not looking to plagiarize anyone, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel either. So perhaps I can find some useful scripts that will stimulate my creativity beyond describing a cold, wet, winter afternoon. The rain drops trickled down a ceiling of black umbrellas and mingled with the tears on those somber faces…

Maybe I won’t need that research after all! 😉


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Hi everyone. I forgot how time consuming and difficult writing is. Not that it’s hard to think up material, but to not be so critical of myself. Writers are known for never being satisfied with their own words. We tend to rewrite something over and over again. It really is difficult to just let go and let the writing take a life of its own.

I’ve been working off and on all day and I think it’s because I am so excited about this project! I had to take time off to make dinner but I’ve been back at it for the past four hours and am excited about the direction this story is heading in.

While I initially planned on converting an old screenplay into a novel, or novella, rather, I am finding that the story is evolving into something new and somewhat different than the original plot. The characters are changing also. I guess you can say they are maturing with me, lol. Anyhow, I promised you a teaser of what’s to come and I’m holding my end of the bargain. Here’s a newly developed synopsis of the script. Please keep in mind that this is only a rough draft. 😉


For Steven, moving to Miami wasn’t just a way to cope with loneliness as his daughter marries and enters womanhood, it’s a time for discovery, for reliving the golden moments of his youth while growing up in Miami, and it’s a time for falling in love again; it’s a time for change.

However, as he will soon realize, faithfulness is not always a lost virtue in these post-modern times. For Steven, the test of faithfulness will become as present and as demanding today as it was when his wife was still alive. Caught between two worlds, one of the living and one of the dead, Steven will find himself in the center of a battle between two women who are fighting for his heart and soul.

 Steven will have to choose between rekindling a romance with his former high school sweetheart or to remain faithful to the recurring memory of his deceased wife. Are these just dreams, or is Steven’s wife reaching out from the afterlife? This is not just another love story, it is a metaphysical journey into faith and self-introspection, premised upon Steven’s inquiry into life after death, and evident in an everlasting love that has truly withstood the test of time.


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Hi friends! Welcome aboard my online documentary. I’ve purposed this site (iWriter.wordpress.com) to function as an online reality blog where you can follow me on my quest to become a famous romance novelist.

Under the pen name of Jack Morgan, I will attempt to break into the female-dominated world of romance novelists and compete with leading authors for a chance to share my passion of romance with readers around the world.

Join me on my adventure to stardom as I learn about the mechanics of e-book publishing, internet media, marketing and advertising, public relations and social networking, publication options, and hopefully inclusion into the notorious “book clubs!”

I will be adding links to my e-books as they become available, starting with my conversion of two screenplays I wrote in the 90’s: Faithfully & The Deal.

You can check in for blog notes (diary) and video logs of me working on my scripts live in Miami, Florida! I think this venture will prove to be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally!

In closing, I invite you to chime in with your thoughts & opinions, constructive criticism (or not), and suggestions on how I can make this blog more enjoyable. Or just drop a line to say hi! I appreciate that too! 🙂

Thank you for your support and happy reading!


Jack Morgan

PS, I will be posting teasers to give you a taste of the e-books to come.

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