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Hello Friends!

I just wanted to drop a line or two of updates to let you know how things are moving in my tiny little corner of the globe. In my personal life, I am spending quality time with my son before we resume school; I say we because while he will be returning to primary school, I will be commencing gradute school in hospitality and tourism management. The good news is I won’t have to pay extra to sample the many wines we’ll be drinking in class (is that even legal?) It already sounds too fun so I’m expecting the ball to drop with some type of quarky, complex exam – yikes!

In other compartments, I am trying to read a religious book, The Anatomy of Evil by Charles W. Conn, and a self-help text, The Official Guide to Success by Tom Hopkins (my 6th read through it); next, I just returned to active status in real estate (sales/leasing) so I can attempt to earn a few bucks on the side; and lastly, I am amped up to end the summer and return to teaching this coming school year.

As you can see, I keep myself super busy – which actually helps me to think better and be more proactive! I just seem to work better under pressure. On that note, here’s my update on the novella, I am near the end of chapter four, 3 pages left to completion – per my own standards. I feel like I will really be moving along once I complete chapter 5 (the half way point). I can’t wait to get this book finished, edited, and published online!

For those of you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me: iwritedrama@gmail.com

In closing, here’s a fun fact about my inspiration, or at least one of them: when I am writing a scene, I will play music in the background which I feel captures the sense of the emotions in the scene. For instance, when I was writing about Jacksonville, I played Country music and when I wrote the love scene between Mercedes and Stephen, I played a few songs by Maxwell.

I’ll post Chapter Four when it’s finished. Happy reading!


Jack Morgan



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Hey Folks,

Sorry for the delay. I realize how difficult it is to work and be a parent during the summer months when children are out of school and it gives me more respect for you parents how tend with parenting 7 days a week. While I have been enjoying my time with my son, I have had neglected to post as frequently as I would prefer. With that said, here’s a peak into the developing storyline and upcoming script that I penned today.


New Synopsis

For widower Steven Riley, rekindling an old flame was not the way to cope with lonliness when his daughter married and moved North, it was a time for discovery, for reliving the golden moments of his youth, and a time for rediscovering passion; it was a time for change. But we will learn that relationships in the modern world are fast-paced, demanding, and fickle. The newlyweds, America Riley and her soon to be husband, Leonardo Satanas,  will be challenged by temptation and unarmed with intolerance.  They will learn, as many have, that newfound romances generally do not survive through a season in these turbuelent times.

However, as Steven will soon realize, faithfulness is not always a lost virtue, even in these post-modern times. For Steven Riley, the test of faithfulness will become as present and as demanding today as it was when Mercedes was still alive. Caught between two worlds, his old-school sentiments will be challenged by contemporary standards, and he will find himself in the center of a battle between two women who are fighting for his heart and soul.

Steven will have to choose between rekindling a romance with Susan Mitchell, his former high school sweetheart, or to remain faithful to his deceased wife forever. This is a metaphysical journey into faith and self-introspection, premised upon Steven’s inquiry into life after death, and evident in an everlasting love that has truly withstood the test of time.

Future Script (written today):

It was dark out this evening, they observed, as Susan and Steven exited the car and began walking underneath a full moon, shining like a silver light glimmering behind the passing clouds in the sky. The couple walked forward towards the entrance to the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair and Exposition. The carnival lights could be seen a mile away, particularly the nostalgic view of the Big Wheel, lit up in the colors of a rainbow, slowly turning round for its patrons to view the scenery from above. The music was lively and audible from the distance, mixed with sounds of screams and holloring from the amusement rides. The sound of a fast moving train could be heard in the distance for a moment as it clung to its tracks for another round of adrenaline pumping action. Passed the gates, Susan leads the way through the crowds and over to the games area. The couple stop at a vendor to exchange a few dollars for a fountain soda and a corn dog, which the couple happily share. We follow them over to a stand where a carnival worker entices them to bet a dollar for three balls to knock over a stack of bottles. Should they win, the prize is an oversized stuffed giraffe. Susan pleads with Steven to give it a whirl. He does. Success. Steven makes it on the third and final try, which left him contemplating whether or not the bottles were rigged by a trip switch. Nonetheless, he was the champion in her eyes. As the walked onward, Susan noticed a tent with a sign that read “fortune teller” on the side.  The medium-sized maroon colored tent seemed authentic in its stature. It looked like something you would see in a movie about a traveling Gypsy troupe. Susan suggested that it would be fun to get their future foretold to see if the couple are meant to be together forever permantently this time.

The mystic woman, calling herself Madame Ruth, was attractive in an exotic way. She had light brown skin, long black hair tied in a hankerchief, and wore a Gypsy-like dress. Her real name was Claire Voiance, a Haitian born immigrant who was brought to Miami when she was only 9 years of age. Sitting at a round table with a black cloth over it, white candles lit in the background surrounding them,  Claire invited the couple over to sit with her. After collecting ten dollars for the reading, she explained to the couple that she would be reading her tarot cards to foresee the couple’s future.

The mystic took out a small wooden box from underneath the tablecloth and placed it in front of her. She then opened the lid and slowly removed the deck of cards which were folded in a purple, velvet blanket. “This cloth helps to protect the cards and give them power. You cannot use just any cards. No, no. These are special cards. They must be given to you by another psychic for them to work –  you see.” She set the cards on display for them to overlook, then continued to read the cards as she looked into their eyes. “I see a long history of love between you,” she said. “But I also see another card in the middle. There is pain and death in this card. This one laying here between you, it cannot move.” Claire shuddered in front of them, then recovered herself. I see a lot of pain and confusion in you sir,” she addressed Steven. “But I also see the card of love next to you. This one is a strong love that which attaches itself to death. You cannot have love without death.”

“What does that mean?” Susan responded. “Does it mean he can’t love me?” She was agitated, and with good reason. That didn’t sound reassuring in the slightest. “This is a waste of time,” she bolted out.”Come on Steven, let’s go.” She got up and gave a stern look to Claire, then turned and withdrew herself from the tent. Steven looked in awe at Claire, then turned and followed Susan.


Jack Morgan


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