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Hi folks,

Just dropping in to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Jack Morgan


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New Book Cover

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that the compilation (all 5 books) is now complete and available for download. Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Jack Morgan

PS, who can define these words? Post back with your responses! 🙂

1. Bedraggled

2. Prudence

3. Contextualize (easy)

4. Incredulity

5. Mollifying

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Could Creativity Circumvent Crisis-Causing Casualties?

Sidewalk chalk

Is there enough creativity in the world today? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But we humans have become so reliant on passive amusement – and by passive I mean we sit back in a chair and watch TV, or YouTube, or surf the net, or listen to music and so forth (which I think serves good purpose: Andrea Bocelli once said that music is like medicine for the soul, and Bach said that the best music comes from God because it’s pure, like His voice – and I am paraphrasing here – and each are necessary in the large scheme of things.) But we need to focus on the root word of creativity: to create!

We are naturally born inventors, like our God. It is hard-wired within us to be creative and to forsake doing so culminates in too much toxic anxiety that gets pent up and ails us. While I am no psychiatrist or psychologist, and am certainly not qualified to offer neither psychotherapy nor spiritual advise, I simply care to express what I gleaned from reading something by a leading psychiatrist. Here’s what Dr. Anthony Storr said in his book, The Art of Psychotherapy:

…I also think that the psychotherapy of the future will be more concerned than it is at present with tapping the patient’s own creative potential. Study of the creatively gifted often demonstrates that, however disturbed in mind they may have been, their creative capacities served to protect them against breakdown. We cannot all be writers or painters or composers, but every human being has some creative capacity, some ability to transcend conflict in symbolic fashion. Modern man tends to escape his problems by turning to drugs or drink, or by distracting himself with passive entertainment. The ease with which we can turn on the television set may, in some instances, prevent the realisation of creative capacities for solving conflict, just as it hampers children’s capacity for creative play. (Pg. ix, Preface to the Second Edition, 1990)

We need to create something ourselves, whether it be a drawing, painting, sculpture, scrapbook, short story or novel, song, music video, movie, or anything else that you use your imagination for and imprint a part of your spirit with, to overcome our internal conflicts in a creative way – for our mental stability and emotional well-being, as individuals and as a society. Maybe we need a resurgence of the healing powers of counseling. Perhaps posting signs on buses and train stations will send the message home that there are solutions to our problems and we can work through them. Well, those are my thoughts in a nutshell. I welcome your opinions too.

In closing, I extend my condolences to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary who are grieving. May God comfort you in this time of sorrow.



With deepest sympathies,

Jack Morgan

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Have You Created a Book Trailer Yet?

film camera

As soon as my first book was finished and released to the world, I wanted to create a  trailer for it.

However, I wasn’t too sure I could make something as good as the giants out there. But then I realized that people don’t expect us to make Hollywood quality videos! We’re just getting started. So, I watched a handful of videos made by indie authors, like us, and found my motivation to get creative!

But the next problem was figuring out how to get the resources to do it for FREE.

Of course I’m sure most of you have already become familiar with Istockphotos and Shutterstock, they’re the Top Dogs in digital imagery. But, they’re also pricey! After checking out SEVERAL websites that claimed to offer images for free (and some of them do – with a proviso that you ask the artist/photographer for permission first), sifting through dozens and dozens of images that were of less than high quality, and after getting over moments of discouragement, I finally found a very useful website with FREE images of substantially good quality…again FREE! It’s called Stock xchange and you can visit their site at http://www.sxc.hu

Here’s the video I created using free images and music:

If you want to learn more about how I created my first YouTube video, how to write your first press release, and how to build a tribe of followers, read Book 5, the final installment of my free resource guide to aspiring writers: A Book Worth Writing.


Jack Morgan

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what’s the point, if you can’t enjoy yourself! My post today has absolutely nothing to do with writing! It is about taking time to enjoy a good glass of wine. I’d rather say a Great glass of wine but i can’t afford a good bottle of Bordeaux or Burgundy from the Cote … so I’ll settle for a 2010 bottle of California red …and bid you cheers! to our sanity! us multiple personality writers who envelope the heartbeat of our times. Cheers to us!

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Hello Friends,

I’ve just finished drafting and editing Book 4 – instructions for self-publishing and getting around the giants!

ScreenHunter_70 Dec. 12 11.51

Book 4

In this book, you will learn how to navigate through Create Space to: Create your Cover Art, Proof your Manuscript, and Convert your Final Draft into Your First eBook.  I also provide you with some nifty links to writer’s resources (free digital images, music, and tutorials). There’s a world of resources out there (if you know how to sift through the garble). Remember, getting your novel published is one big step in the journey of becoming a successful writer. Don’t be discouraged if your sales don’t take off in the first week, month, or quarter. Just keep writing and reaching out to the world – you’re bound to find like-minded people who will appreciate your work. And at the end of the day, if you don’t sell a ton of books, won’t you be happy that you have a copy of a book you created from scratch on your bookshelf? I do – it’s one of my trophies, along with copies of my band’s music cassettes from back in the days. That’s right, we couldn’t afford digital back then. LOL. 😉

Best of luck to you in producing your first eBook and may there be many more to follow!


Jack Morgan

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Format Made Easy

Hey Folks,

I hope you had a great weekend! I sure did.  We need a good balance of play along with our work schedules, and I recommend time for your spiritual well-being too. I had all of it this weekend 😉

After attending a great church service yesterday, I went to meet an old friend who I had not seen in 8 years. We had a long brunch to catch up on all the changes in our lives, shot a little pool and explored a few local restaurants and “Mom & Pop” shoppes in Avondale, an area of Jacksonville that I had never been to before. It’s always a treat to learn something new about your own back yard.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the newest edition to my writing resource project: Book 3 – Format Made Easy.  In this chapter, I begin by taking a “Bird’s Eye View” of the formatting process:

ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 10 17.59


Over the course of 20 pages, I walk you through formatting your manuscript in an image rich environment, making the instructions more “artist friendly” 🙂

If you are interested in reading the 3rd installment of this (free) self-publishing series, then click on the image above to download a free copy. You’ll learn about formatting setup using Microsoft Word, adding web friendly images, tracking changes, adding an ISBN, Cover Art, and converting your document into an eBook and Paperback print editions.  If you have any followup questions, please feel free to write a response to this post.

Wishing you all a great week!


Jack Morgan

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