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After you’ve published your first novel, novella, short story, or book of poetry, you’ll want to get the word out. One way of doing that is writing the traditional press release, but with a digital twist.

Here’s the specific industry format that you’ll want to use:


Date: 11/29/2012

Contact: Jack Morgan, (786) xxx-xxxx, iwritedrama@gmail.com

Miami Writer Releases Contemporary Post-Modernist Romance Novel: Faithfully

Faithfully is about the degradation of morality in post-modern America, seen through the eyes of a middle-aged widower, Steven Riley, who lost his wife to cancer and is struggling with a choice to have an affair with his high school sweetheart or to remain faithful to his wife forever, even though she’s dead.

Miami/Jacksonville, FL – 2012 – Jack Morgan has infused this romance novella with his perceptions of the changes in American culture. From his studies of late-Victorian fiction to contemporary 20th century literature, Jack has garnered many insights into the pop culture and how it affects the individual in society. More poignantly, how it affects our decision-making in relationships. There are two elements that make the release of this book particularly relevant to women readers: first, Jack’s story is told from a man’s point-of-view. Just like reading Cosmopolitan has helped men better understand the way women think, Jack helps women understand how a man thinks in an emotional/relationship crisis; this is mainly a unique approach since the romance writing profession is dominated by women writers. The second interesting angle is that his story is written in two contrasting settings that are uniquely rich in culture.

“Everybody’s fixin’ to do something” captures the essence of Jacksonville as a small town, big city. In Miami, however, the reader will get the feel of what it’s like to live a hedonistic life among a predominantly Latin population. From South Beach to Coral Gables to Downtown Miami, the descriptive scenery is nothing short of sizzling. In contrast, moving to Jacksonville feels like touching down in a “football crazy” town.

About the Author: Jack Morgan began working in education in 2001 as a substitute teacher, and is a Florida certified English teacher. However, his career was also enriched with a ten year history in the real estate industry, having earned over a quarter-million dollars by owning/managing several boutique mortgage brokerage and real estate appraisal firms in
Brickell and Coral Gables.

More appealing is his history as a film, television, and stage actor, beginning with his first theatrical appearance in The Rimers of Eldritch, by Lanford Wilson, cast as Josh Johnson, at the Miami Dade College Theatre (1994). Morgan (a pen name) went on to star in an independent film, The Horizon Bleeds (1996), at the ripe, young age of 21. His latest appearance was in Burn Notice (2012), as a background actor.

Contact: For more information about Faithfully, please visit iwritedrama.wordpress.com, or view Jack’s profile both Twitter and Facebook. You can also email: iwritedrama@gmail.com

– ### –

You can copy my format and edit in your own content to make it easier for you. And be sure to include the 3 # (pound signs) at the end of the press release, it’s what journalists call a stop.  You may want to send it to PRWeb (www.prweb.com)  for releases starting at $99 and PRLog (www.prlog.org) which is free for the basic level.

Here’s a release I just wrote for my self-publishing series: http://www.prlog.org/12166268-miami-writer-releases-humorous-how-to-guide-on-internet-self-publishing.html

Good luck & stay consistent with your writing!


Jack Morgan


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Available online at: jackmorgan.buzzsprout.com

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A Book Worth Writing: Creating a Million $1 eBooks.

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In order to grow your business through online marketing I suggest you build 3 pillars for success.

1. Blogging: Writing on WordPress
By setting up a blog, building connections through Facebook, Twitter & other social media platforms, you can engage your audience with resourceful topics within your niche that you either write yourself or share from a reliable source.

2. Video: YouTube & Vimeo
Surely you’ve heard that YouTube has surpassed Google in search rankings! People love to see authentic material relative to their personal interests. Frequent video blogging (v-logging) can build up search engine rankings and help you to reach the critical mass – if your content catches attention, lots and lots of attention.

3. Podcast: iTunes
With almost 50 million listeners per month, Podcasting is to business as hairspray is to 80s rock.

In closing, by building these three pillars for success you will be engaging a broader audience in ways of communication that appeal to everyone’s natural learning style: audio/visual/tactile.

Jack Morgan

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The trickle of a water feature,

its sounds are so alluring.

My inspiration for excitement,

enhanced by her demurring.

Don’t give me reasons to abstain, my dear,

for your kisses I will be securing.

Your embrace is my delight, meant

for more enduring;

but, your reservations keep maturing.

It is passion that I feel for you,

the want of your flesh against my flesh;

it is your body – clothed, obscuring.

I dim the lights to entice your mood,

passing the test,

you give in to my pursuing.

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1. Assuming you already have a captivating story, you can scrub your file (Microsoft Word doc, other) to ensure your file is compliant with the following settings:

Font type:
Garamond, Times New Roman, or Arial

Heading 1 – title
Heading 2 – sub-title and chapter titles
Heading 3 – chapter sub-headings

Make sure you set your page margins to at least .5; if you use page #’s you’ll probably need .7 or higher, maybe 1″ margins.


2. Upload your script to CreateSpace for a review, make your acceptable recommended adjustments, and approve your script for finalization. The next thing you can do is create an amazing cover art for your book at no cost.


3. Follow the onscreen instructions for conversion to ebook format and upload onto Amazon Kindle.

Congrats! You did it.

Note: If you have a smaller script, you can upload straight to the Kindle Direct Publishing website, but the cover art program is a beta test and does not have nearly as many features.

For more details on the writing process, including the plot line, literary tools, and other tips on the self-publishing process, download a copy of A Book Worth Writing: Creating a Million $1 eBooks available exclusively on Amazon.

To receive a free download of the latest chapter in my audio series: Faithfully, by Jack Morgan, look for my podcast on iTunes.

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