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Have you been wondering how you can get more followers onto your blog site? Want more people to read your captivating blog posts? Then scroll down to learn about the 6 Laws of Persuasion!

In his Podcast, VIP 005, Mike DaSilva (viralizers.com) discussed the power of persuasion and influence in building your brand. The content was so illuminating that I’m compelled to share it with you here:

In his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini (after 3 years of field studies) established six principles to influence people, which, in the 1984 world of business, was considered truly groundbreaking scientific research!  Here are the 6 KEY PRINCIPLES OF INFLUENCE:

Principle #1:  The Law of Reciprocity.  

If I give something to you, then you will want to give something to me. This is why many companies give away free ebooks, newsletters, and other promotional materials. 

Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are given in exchange for the invitation of attendance to the wedding ceremony.


Principle #2:  The Law of Social Proof.  

People tend to follow in the footsteps of others.  If we see others doing something, we will be more inclined to participate in the activity.

Prince Sheep

Sometimes we are a bit “sheepish” 


Principle #3:  The Law of Likability.  

People tend to do business with people they like. In order to get more people to “like” you, you can (a) compliment them, (b) demonstrate common interests, and (c) engage with them in a common goal. People also tend to do business with those who they consider to be physically attractive, so chemistry is another factor.

Beauitful Heart Vector Illustration

The Principle of Attraction!


Principle #4:  The Law of Scarcity.

We want things that other people want. If an item is scarce, then the law of supply and demand applies: The more of the supply, the less demand. The less of a supply, the higher the demand will be.

3D Business Graph 3


Principle #5:  The Law of Authority.  

People tend to obey authoritative figures. You can increase your perception as an authoritative figure by being (a) knowledgeable, (b) trustworthy, and (c) add value to your audience.

Patrol Hat Too

The Law of Authority!


Principle #6:  The Law of Commitment & Consistency.  

People are more likely to honor a commitment, whether to others or to themselves, if they commit to it in writing or orally. That is, once we commit to an idea or a goal, we connect it with our self-image and therefore must protect that image. The second part is consistency; by rewriting how others perceive you (as an expert in your niche) you can re-write your self-image and their perception of you as a likable, trustworthy, authoritative figure.



If you want to achieve a goal, put it in writing!


In closing, by applying these 6 laws of persuasion – reciprocity, social proof, likability, scarcity, authority, and commitment & consistency in the management of your blog site, you will be able to increase the number of followers, fans, and friends you make.

Good luck in growing your audience!


Jack Morgan


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Gypsy in the Night by Jack Morgan (anime poetry)

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Now available for download on Kindle (free on 7/27 for 24 hours, or free for Prime members now).

Chapter Two

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Chapter 3 is now available on Kindle and free for everyone to download for 24 hours on July 27th, also free to Prime members.
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Walk of Life (Anime)

Walk of Life (Anime)

Walk of Life by Jack Morgan (written 5-26-1995) by jtango777 on GoAnimate

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