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Hello readers:
I just read a post from a guy who seems to have blogging down right (ironically, What a Wonderful World by the great Louis Armstrong is playing on Pandora), he talked about authenticity and it struck a cord. I’ve been blogging for two years with the intent of documenting my journey towards becoming a successful writer, yet I haven’t been forthcoming with the course of events which transpired from the onset – partly because of my fear of rejection from you, the reader, and partly because of an ethical dilemma: I’m a school teacher and some of my writings are for mature audiences (and I’m not sure a pen name establishes enough of a dichotomy to protect my daily life from my pseudonym’s writings.

Such internal conflict is only the beginning of the challenges that beset my journey.

Having given you the prelude to my current confession/blog post, I would like to indulge you with answers to any questions you may have for me. But I’m afraid I don’t know who you are :-/

I’d love to respond to your inquires. Literally thousands of my books have been downloaded for free and/or purchased, each with this blog website address, so I must infer that many readers are here to know me better.

And I want to know you all, or as we say in the Deep South, “ya’ll.”

While I finish my glass of Merlot wine, clearing my palate of the eggplant parmesan and pasta, which, by the way always tastes better the next day, and relax to the romantic tunes of Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, and other amazing artists, I’ll be thinking of my continuing education requirements for teaching, the MLS fees due for my real estate license, the 4 classes I need for my master’s degree, and the unfinished chapters of the two books I’m writing.

But as I listen to La Vie en Rose, my heart feels pleased, though my body exhales a deep breath of anxiety immediately caused by my instantaneous awareness of my single, spouse less position, I still have faith that each item/goal/requirement/relationship will all be accomplished in their due time.

In closing, my dear readers, I hope you sense that I care about you and genuinely want you to know what it is like to walk in my shoes so that you can learn from it, whether or not you too are pursuing a path as an author, I hope I can enrich your life with my creative writings and natural observations.

Jack Morgan


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Yesterday I changed the cover art for 6 of my books, all of which are exclusively on Kindle Direct Publishing/Amazon. Let’s see if there’s an uptick in sales as a result.

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