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Hi Folks:

Just wanted to drop in and leave an update on things here. I’ve been teaching full-time this year and am in the process of reenrolling in grad school to finish my degree (only 4 classes left) and I’m planning on taking an additional 6 classes for a 2nd master’s degree back -to-back.

I yearn to write more poetry over the summer and hope to be inspired by an internship in the hospitality field. I did release book 3 of my faithfully 2 series, it’ll be available as a free download this wknd on kindle.

On another note, I watched a video on a Mac app for writers and was very impressed – so much that I’m seriously ready to move from windows to Mac, a decision I’ve absconded from for years now. Their programs for artistic people are “top notch.”

Ok folks, I’m off to shoot pool with my roommate.


Jack Morgan



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