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The Wedding Poem

I was going about my indie life
thinking I was strong and complete.
But then one day I came upon you,
and you swept me off my feet.

The world told me that fate
belonged in fairy tales,
and that love was just a myth.
But if that was true,
then how could you
capture my heart
with just one kiss.

Lay down your burdens before me,
Let me hold on to your heart.
I’m not the kind of person
to tell you lies,
I want to shelter you from the dark.

And I know I’m gonna hurt you,
We’re bound to argue, fuss, and fight.
But I’m also going to lift you
when you’re down,
and fill your darkest moments
with my light.

Let us be bound together by two circles.
Let us seal our souls with a kiss.
Let us write a Declaration of Dependance.
Let us tell the world of our love’s bliss!

I know this journey won’t be easy.
Sometimes we’ll come undone.
But you’re the air I need to breathe,
That’s how I know you’re the one.

Marry me.


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You painted beautiful pictures for me,
I display them on the easel of my mind.

You used to sing the sweetest melodies for me,
I still hear your serenades as they resonate
– through the solemn waves of time.

Your thoughts set my soul at ease.
Your laughter was a form of therapy for me,
Silly and witty banters – they are now truly hard to find.

Your anger was monumental, ominous like the crackle of thunder, I still wish I had not crossed the line.

You are etched into so many memories,
I wish I could rewind those times.

My dreams of you are bitter sweet,
But you painted beautiful pictures for me.
And that is all I ever need. Bitter sweet memories.

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i Ran Away

by Jack Morgan

Infused with the poison of a scorpion,

the sting of words penetrate my mind.

Their messages pain my body with anxiety,

and infect my soul with a doubtful self-image

which haunts me all the time.

To evade this metaphysical destruction,

i ran away.

There was darkness brooding  in my last romance,

two ships were sailing in the same direction.

But then came a suspicious remark,

the digital herald had summoned

one of the ship’s captains,

attempting to lure her in

with his tempestuous suggestions.

The wiser and more experienced captain

had been aware of their alliance,

he knew his first mate was secretly courting her,

but he pretended to be unaware of their defiance.

Though he knew the day would soon come,

when he would confront the young captain

of the second ship.

So he decked his heart in Athene’s armor,

lest he find himself trapped

in the clutch of their lascivious grip.

Her sinful lusts,

acknowledged them not.

A virtuous path,

he preferred she sought.

Err was his thinking,

the damage was wrought.

Twas his first mate’s perfidy,

and the captain’s mistress

had been caught!

Marooned on the salty shores of Miami,

with terrible pangs marching,

marching to war against my heart,

i ran away –

to find protection in the park.

Clarity of the mind

is lacking in our youth,

but it is a potent ally

to those who seek the truth.

It is in these troubled times

that I dawn on my running shoes,

so that I may see the spider’s web

with my invisible sixth sense view.

As I ran away into the park,

my mind was ignited with

a neurological spark.

I found the sword-like words

to surmount my tribulation.

Then I declared proverbial war

without a hint of hesitation.

I lost two companions

who were once dear friends,

but never has there been a war

without some casualties

in the end.

How wretched it is

when little things transpire

from the evil seeds of thoughts,

how reckless it is

to quench the messages

that speak goodness and truth

from within your heart.

My mind was boggled until today,

thank God i was able to run away.

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i Got Vexed!

A tribute to the song, Brave, by Sara Bareilles.

I want to say –

what’s on my mind.

Why did you insult me?

Should I speak this time?

I want to be brave.

I want to give you 

a piece of my mind!

How can I come

out of this cave?

I wish I could be brave.

I want to give you –

a piece of my mind!

I want my words –

to sting like a bee.

I want your ears –

to burn with my rhyme.

Let the tone of my voice –

roar like a lion in your mind.

Let my anger be free.

Let my mouth open this time!

I want to be brave.

I want to give you 

a piece of my mind!

How can I come

out of this cave?

I wish I could be brave.

Notes about this poem:

I heard this strong song from Sara Bareilles while driving in the car yesterday and I felt inspired to write this poem. The words and music are empowering and could instill a sense of strength to those who are timid. I’m not saying to be confrontational at all. But I am suggesting that you think about how to deliver your message tactfully, rather than remaining silent when you find yourself being insulted or taken advantage of.  Be brave. Stand up for yourself and your loved ones. It only takes ten seconds of courage. The right you don’t defend is the right you forfeit. Don’t be a victim, stand up for yourself. Don’t be a bully to others. Some people have a really hard time speaking up for themselves, you don’t want someone else to be a bully to you.

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ScreenHunter_115 Jul. 29 13.47

click on image to play

Gypsy in the Night by Jack Morgan (anime poetry)

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Walk of Life (Anime)

Walk of Life (Anime)

Walk of Life by Jack Morgan (written 5-26-1995) by jtango777 on GoAnimate

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