Faithfully 2 - Book 4

Faithfully 2 – Book 4

(Now Available on Amazon Kindle)


Hey Folks:  I know it’s been a LONG time since I published any new writings so I am happy to share the news that I released the 4th episode in the Faithfully 2 series. I hope those of you who are following along enjoy the twists and turns in this chapter, it’s going to be an interesting change. Please feel free to leave your comments here.


Jack Morgan






Happy 4th of July!

I’m headed out to a family BBQ and then off to see the fireworks from Cadillac Ranch at Kendall Town & Country. Wishing you all a Happy 4th!


One must decompress before great art can be released.

Hello friends,

Just wanted to post that I’ll be on vacation from my day job in two weeks and will return to publishing new writings. Hang in to see what’s coming up with the Faithfully and The Deal series!

Jack Morgan

Paradise Visited

Happy Cuatro de Mayo!
I’m hanging out at La Playa Grill in Homestead and can’t help but appreciate it’s beautiful scenery. Most of the time I wish I was elsewhere with cooler climates, but then I realize this is where I’d be if I were on vacation. The irony.

My dad once said the definition of a Tropical Depression is being here and not being able to afford it. (I think he is right.) Budget yourselves a trip here, you deserve it! Fortuna to you, friends!

Jack Morgan


Oh, the things I want to do.

source: Living Social

Status Update

Hi Folks:

Just wanted to drop in and leave an update on things here. I’ve been teaching full-time this year and am in the process of reenrolling in grad school to finish my degree (only 4 classes left) and I’m planning on taking an additional 6 classes for a 2nd master’s degree back -to-back.

I yearn to write more poetry over the summer and hope to be inspired by an internship in the hospitality field. I did release book 3 of my faithfully 2 series, it’ll be available as a free download this wknd on kindle.

On another note, I watched a video on a Mac app for writers and was very impressed – so much that I’m seriously ready to move from windows to Mac, a decision I’ve absconded from for years now. Their programs for artistic people are “top notch.”

Ok folks, I’m off to shoot pool with my roommate.


Jack Morgan


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