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The Wedding Poem

I was going about my indie life
thinking I was strong and complete.
But then one day I came upon you,
and you swept me off my feet.

The world told me that fate
belonged in fairy tales,
and that love was just a myth.
But if that was true,
then how could you
capture my heart
with just one kiss.

Lay down your burdens before me,
Let me hold on to your heart.
I’m not the kind of person
to tell you lies,
I want to shelter you from the dark.

And I know I’m gonna hurt you,
We’re bound to argue, fuss, and fight.
But I’m also going to lift you
when you’re down,
and fill your darkest moments
with my light.

Let us be bound together by two circles.
Let us seal our souls with a kiss.
Let us write a Declaration of Dependance.
Let us tell the world of our love’s bliss!

I know this journey won’t be easy.
Sometimes we’ll come undone.
But you’re the air I need to breathe,
That’s how I know you’re the one.

Marry me.


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Chapter Two

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As I look into the sky and born behind my dreaming eyes, a beautiful setting with red rose vines – it’s always you within my mind.

Sensuous, romantic, erotic pleasure. I give to you my greatest treasure; make no mistake, I’m yours forever.

Release thy chaste. En due with me – your body and soul – eternally. Upon the cosmos will I scribe our names, the Godly law I shall proclaim.

That when these bodies return to Earth, will be the days of our rebirth. And with each era – in our new shrines – you’re soul will find its way to mine. Together.

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